Aromagen 12.5mg 50 tabs



Aromagen, consisting of 12.5mg x 50 tablets of Exemestane, is a powerful aromatase inhibitor used primarily in bodybuilding circles. It effectively regulates estrogen levels during anabolic steroid cycles and helps manage estrogen-related side effects.

Dosage and Cycle Information

  • Male Dosage: A common dosage for men is around 12.5mg every other day during a steroid cycle. Daily intake is typically not required due to its 24-hour half-life in the body.
  • Female Dosage: Not recommended.

Ideal Cycle Length

  • Male: The ideal cycle length is determined by various factors, including the specific compounds used and individual needs.

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    Key Health Benefits 

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    Potent Estrogen Regulator

    Aromagen is highly effective in controlling and managing estrogen levels, reducing the risk of estrogen-related side effects during steroid use.[/aux_col]

    Prevents Estrogen-Related Side Effects

    This compound significantly reduces the potential for gynecomastia (enlargement of male breasts), water retention, and other estrogen-driven adverse effects common in steroid cycles.

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    Potential Side Effects

    Possible Side Effects: Users might experience headaches, joint pain, fatigue, hot flashes, or allergic reactions. Aromagen can also affect cholesterol levels, but the manifestation of side effects varies among individuals.


    Important Notes

    Use Aromagen prudently during steroid cycles to manage estrogen levels effectively and mitigate the potential side effects linked with estrogen dominance.

     It might not be optimal for post-cycle therapy due to its suppressive effects on estrogen. For PCT, SERMs (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators) like Nolvadex are commonly recommended.



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