CARDARINE (GW-501516) – 20mg 50 Tabs



Cardarine, also known as GW-501516, is a revolutionary performance-enhancing drug that activates pathways linked to cardiovascular exercise. Unlike traditional steroids, Cardarine optimizes fat burning by boosting glucose uptake in skeletal muscle tissue. By shifting the body’s metabolic preference toward fat for energy instead of muscle or sugars, it aids in body composition improvements. Moreover, it extends exercise sessions and expedites recovery, making it a sought-after supplement in the fitness community

Dosage and Cycle Information

  • Recommended Dosage: 15-30mg daily for males; 5-15mg daily for females
  • Cycle Length: Typically 4-16 weeks, with an ideal cycle lasting 12 weeks.

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    Accessories You Will Need for Cardarine (GW-501516)

    Prepare for usage with the following items for compound extraction:

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    1″ Needle

    for Compound Extraction

    3cc Syringe

    for Compound Extraction

    1″ or 1.5″ Needle

    for Intramuscular Injection

    Sterile Alcohol Wipes

    for Intramuscular Injection

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    Best Stacks for GW-501516

    When aiming to reduce body fat while retaining muscle mass, Cardarine, when stacked with S4 and MK-2866, exhibits effectiveness with minimal side effects. For a potent combination, female and male users can benefit from the amalgamation of Cardarine with MK-2866 for optimal outcomes without the androgen receptor activation seen with Anabolic Steroids.


    Best Stacking Options for Cardarine (GW-501516)

    YK-11, while more robust, necessitates caution due to potential side effects. It is crucial to approach these compounds with care to ensure proper utilization and safety.


    Key Health Benefits of Cardarine (GW-501516)

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    Improved Muscle Recovery

    Cardarine aids in reducing inflammation and muscle soreness, expediting recovery by 2-3x, crucial for dedicated bodybuilders.

    Enhanced Muscular Endurance

    Studies indicate a significant improvement in both muscular and cardiovascular endurance, leading to a 20% increase in aerobic capacity, reducing fatigue, and hastening recovery post-exercise.

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    Potential Side Effects of Cardarine (GW-501516)

    While Cardarine is known for its positive effects on fat loss and muscle gain, there’s a need for caution as certain studies hint at potential health risks, including liver damage. Comprehensive blood tests before, during, and after use are recommended to monitor any changes in health parameters.


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